Alt titles: Lulu, Zero

Lelouch LAMPEROUGE main image

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animefreak17a says...

burnin hell lelouch for teime of killing over 50 million people.........i cant stand this mother fucker

Jul 25, 2015
PandaBear87 says...

He's one of those characters that you love to hate and hate to love... I am very torn on my feelings of him.  On the one hand, we have a high school aged genius who wants nothing more than to make a better world for his sister to live in, no matter what the cost is to himself or others, and on the other hand we have an egotistical maniac who gets drunk on his powers and drive to purify the world whose sense of morality starts to dwindle little by little.  However, at the end of the series, he seems to come to grips with all of his doings as Zero, as well as the ruler of Britannia, and makes the ultimate sacrifice by letting himself be killed by his best friend for the greater good.  In that moment, it seems that he truly felt that he had finished his job with a clean conscience.  That is why I both love and hate his character.... :)

Jul 14, 2015
Epimondas says...

He is alright I guess if you like internal anarchy.  He is friend to no one but himself, if even that, and has abosutely no principles, morals, ethics, or code of conduct whatsoever.  He is a person with no redeemable character qualities even with respect to himself, because he fails even his own personal expectations of himself.  It is because he has nothing to shoot for and no form of code of conduct at all that he lacks any admirable appeal.  If one shot a loaded gun in a dark room with a few spectators, they would have more morality and even a sense of a code of conduct than he has.

Jul 10, 2015
knight12 says...

the most unpredictable and cool character for me with the aura of god

Jun 13, 2015
Bruce1337 says...

My favourite character of all time, the one and only Lamperouge Lelouch GOAT.


May 23, 2015