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Alt titles: Lulu, Zero


default avatar Axelmoon
Mar 14, 2014


I love Lelouch. He's the most epic guy I know. I mean, who gets kicked out his kingdom, meets a friend that hates him later on, gets a Geass, meets a girl who's probably 500 years older than him, tries to make a better world for his sister, fights his sister, attempts to make world peace by destroying more buildings, gets an "orange", defeat old guys in chess like a man, have a killer brother, and do something breathtaking in the very end of the story? My answer? Lelouch. :)

LadySmith avatar LadySmith
Mar 4, 2014

Goddamn that ending of R2 .... DAMMIT

Th3Laugh1ngMan avatar Th3Laugh1ngMan
Jan 30, 2014

Better than Light

heyalotp71 avatar heyalotp71
Jan 20, 2014

I love this character, he is just amazing. I know some people could hate him, but he has a point in doing some  of the things he did and yes it wasn't right but whatever. If they acually did that in the future it would be a definition of dicrimination. But that's just in my opintion.^_^

thebarfscarf avatar thebarfscarf
Jan 7, 2014

I love this unique situation. It seems that a ruthless person full of resolve who uses questionable methods for all the reasons (Lelouche) is fighting for the good side.And a hypocritcal, yet overall good person, using all the "right" methods and following the right reasons is fighting for the bad side. There is good and evil on both sides. Essentially, Lelouche is a somewhat evil person who fights for the right things. And Suzaku is a very well-intentioned person who unknowingly fights for the side of evil. Very interesting.

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