Alt titles: Lulu, Zero

Lelouch LAMPEROUGE main image

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nirvana7 says...

my favorite anime my favorite character!!! from all the anime i have seen code geass remain in top! Lelouch the man who destroyed the world and create a new one!

Aug 26, 2014
CureBlossom says...

Lelouch is SO hot

Aug 7, 2014
rhaz115 says...

First time i saw lelouch smile, im suprised his smile same as my original character (art) smile. Ahh hes so hot. I like his personality.. <3 I waiting Akito the Exiled, Anyway. Hope i can see lelouch in that series! (out this year, 2014) Kyaaah~

Jul 28, 2014
r1va1ll3 says...

My most well-loved character. No matter how evil he may fall, I will always be that one person who will continuouslky support him and stay by his side. If anybody  of you notice, except form his genius and seemingly evil fighting strategies, Lelouch had never had any bad sides in him in his normal life. He is kind to everyone. I so loved his character. I love him entirely. Especially now that he's back, I wonder what's more in store in him. Love, love, love Lelouch forever.

May 20, 2014