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TheIceQueen Sep 25, 2016

What;s going on with him? We haven't seen him in so long, and appearently he doesn't wear the eyepatch for an injury.. EXPLAIN HOSHINO!

Darknise Jul 11, 2016

i don't know how to describe my love for Lavi.. He is just perfect! ≧◡≦

XmalpicaX Aug 7, 2015

Lavi is so cute, adorable and kawaiii. I really love them, your personality is so funny and nice.

Is my favorite character in D. Gray-man. Also, is Allen Walker. Really, really, i love this anime. Is one of my favorite anime for ever 

AliMor Jul 19, 2015

Lavi! Please be MINE~ :* <3

Otaku231299 Jan 28, 2015

I love Lavi so much, he´s my fave character of D Gray-Man