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Lavi image
Rank #170
Rank #2,869


Nella avatar Nella
Mar 24, 2013

yeees !! he is one of the main reasons people stated Anime Guys are waaaay HOTTER than real 3d guys <3 which is really true ! especially when he takes of his headband (●♡∀♡)

Swiftycloudeh avatar Swiftycloudeh
Aug 17, 2012

Lavi is so cute and funny~xD

badasscookie avatar badasscookie
Feb 22, 2012

Lavi is the best character of the story ♥

williehearts avatar williehearts
Dec 4, 2011

<~ loves you ^_^ X3

PeachThePLum avatar PeachThePLum
Aug 8, 2011

Oh Lavi, how I love you so.... :D <3

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