Aka: Ryuzaki

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Alquds98 says...

L is a great character but his succesor near or mello suck compared to him. Light is an asshole for killing him. 

Jul 27, 2016
Loveanime66 says...

L is one of the best anime character ever💟💞 but 😢😭

Jul 1, 2016
noragamih says...

He is a really cool character. He looks really mysterious but yet he's just too cute >_< that sitting posture he had and his love for strawberry were just so ...... (●´∀`●)

Jun 20, 2016
TrashSpaghetti says...


One of the reasons why I watched Death Note. Kinda dropped out of it after his death... :p

Jun 20, 2016
chickenparade says...


Cried so hard when he died. :( Show kinda sucked afterwards.

May 12, 2016