Alt titles: Ryuzaki

L main image

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BleachSta4Ever says...

I think l is a good character just as good as light I mean everyone's good in a way

Jul 11, 2014
r1va1ll3 says...

He is a genius and a masterpiece character. Never will I ever find any anime character like L. This  a genius game of winning and losing while trying to save the world in their own contradiciting ways with reasons enough to think that they can be both right too. But I am always at L's side. Thank you :)

May 20, 2014
PurpleCatAngel says...

Why did you have to die L? Why?!:(

Apr 3, 2014
Happymeal says...

I don't like the whole concept surrounding light and L's relationship. The whole win/loss thing seemed tossed in to form some "greater" point than it actually is. On the bright side, this guy was the coolest in this anime; he was an awesome character! I must say, he certainly brings something of interest to the table and a fairly cool character design as well.

Errm, I guess I can't form many more thoughts on him. I didn't find him as interesting as other people, but he was very entertainting. I liked being able to listen to what he thought up. At times he did seem stumped by pretty trivial obstacles though. Admittedly, I probably would be too if I only had a dim light in a dark room. 

I'd love to know his name though. 

Feb 18, 2014
Happy1999 says...

but i love him

Jan 22, 2014