Aka: Kyubee

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randomguy87 Dec 23, 2016

Example of a character that we all love to hate.

kurumi10v3r Nov 19, 2016

lol I was so curious to see why everybody see him as the supreme diabolic master, for this shit conclusion? He isn't evil, he just have a different sense of moral. Fuck humans and their hypocrisy

kurumi10v3r Nov 19, 2016

Kyubey did nothing wrong

ShayminGratitude Nov 13, 2016

I didn't like how his explanation mixed science and magic. That junk about emotions and energy kind of broke my suspension of disbelief. So I probably hate him for a different reason than everyone else...

InoshimaLance Nov 2, 2016

I hate you! That sums everything. I feel you should be hated more and more. Your final fate you deserve. I couldn't care less if your world was some sort of robotic emotionless derailed mad-philosophy supposed-saviors former Utopia, the reason you fell to disgrace and need energy is because you are an emotionless void white vermin, and i am not insulting other vermins with this cause this special "vermin" is something only you could have. Infinite and unkillable, so plague describes you well. If i could i would make my life being a perverted human being that collects Kyubeis in order to cut, cut and cut more.

That being said, I admit this char was interesting in many ways and is one of those very well hated characters. That deserve hatred not because they are annoying, out of plot or simply disgusting. He deserves hatred cause he was Very Well Done to deserve it, a Nice character even when hated. Hate him more please.