Alt titles: Kyubee

Kyubey main image

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sithraff says...

Kyubey is a very compelling character - his unrelenting logic and lack of a moral code are interesting to be sure. But that doesn't make me hate him any less.

Aug 18, 2014
BlackZeroOblivion says...

I get why people hate him, but I can't hate him for that. I think he is an amazing character with a really good thought processing and decision making. He gets what he wants on his ways, and he does that marvelously!

Aug 1, 2014
kiririn25 says...

How sad of many hate me but after all there are still people who loved me. People who love me can make a contract so that you can wish that people would love me.         


Apr 16, 2014
DarkMakor says...

FUCKING EPISODES 6 through 9 = MINDFUCK!! ... oh yeah and wouldn't Kyubey register as a shinigami? because i'm pretty damn sure he's a shinigami ... maybe an alien? maybe even both i mean he does talk about saving the universe alot and stuff. *sigh* idk anymore -.-

Mar 28, 2014
Burningblade04 says...

vHis trickery IS the sole reason why the girls wish out of desperation in the first place.

Sep 15, 2013