Aka: Nightmare

Gender: Female
Hair Color: Black
Rank #564
Rank #2,743

Anime Roles

Date a Live Secondary
Date a Live: Encore OVA Main
Date a Live II Secondary
Date a Live Movie: Mayuri Judgement Secondary

Manga Roles

Date A Origami Minor

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WiiUBlanc says...

Now that's a good example of yandere/yangire.

Yes.. Kurumi is a yangire to me.

Jun 23, 2016
WendyHitsugaya says...

sher's quite a well written character, she could be naughty naive funny perverted (i think) and sadistic at the same time, plus where all girls are trying to hard to get Shido's atention she just sits there and wait and  she doesn't care if shido goes to her or not she's still standing 

i also like her designa gothic lolita matched with Gun slinging abilities thought i don't really ship her with Shido i find her the best character in the whole series. 

Mar 9, 2016
poiuw says...

They tried so hard to make this character attractive, but this is just too much intrusive. Visually lots of candies for eyes - gothic maiden dress with heterochromia eyes. Character: she is not a yandere(mistaken by almost everybody) at all, she is mayadere, these things are really attractive. However I dont care, I dont like her. Another thing I dont like about her is that in last volumes she became something like Shido's personal domesticated animal - she helped Shido with almost everything - her dangerous aura fades. 

* for those dont know what kind of personality mayadere is - A mayadere usually starts as an antagonist trying to kill the someone but switches sides after falling in love. This character is unpredictable and dangereous for everyone including the romantic interest.

Jan 15, 2016
WolfAngelus says...

She has a visually stunning design. Heterochromatic eyes with a clock in one, a unique outfit (The orange and black dress) that is not seen anywhere else, the color and style are epic and it has subtle sexy aspect. She has a talent for being seductive while seeming innocent.

Combined with an evil side, and having one of the more unique skill designs she stays as a top 3 in my list along with Gintoki Sakata & Konata Izumi.

Too bad we see her so little :< she should get her own series.

Dec 17, 2015
footmaster says...

KURUMI is my favorite among all naughty-type anime girls. :)

I really like her character. 

In Spirit mode, her astral dress (Nightmare) is really nice and her CLOCKEYE is very attractive.

Also a badass in the anime, which I always get excited whenever she appears.

Nov 6, 2015