Koichi SHIDO

Koichi SHIDO main image

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Shuhan says...

nothing to say baut this guy except B A S T A R D!!!

Jan 21, 2012
deideiblueeyez says...

This guy is a friggin creeper. I kept saying that aloud to myself the second he started speaking "creeper he's a creeper aaaaah he's a creeper!" .. I'm sure the people who ♥ him have those same reasons..they like creepers.. but there's no good redeeming qualities, or even cool "evil" qualities about him that I like, and I like Orochimaru from Naruto, if that has anything to say about me.... God this guy's a creeper (shudders)

Dec 29, 2011
HeyThar77 says...

snnnaaakkkkkeee!!! SSSSSSnnnnnnaaaaaakkkkkkkeeee!!! its a snake!

Oct 22, 2011
SaruChan says...

This dude is such a dick. I wish we would have seen more of his demise, which was really only implied. XP

Aug 3, 2011
SuperSaiyanSonic says...

Seriously, as totally sick in the head and twisted as this guy is, I'm kinda impressed at his tactics. I really wonder what he could've said/done in less than two days on a school coach to make his students make out with each other and go at it so much... and two girls too!

Jun 9, 2011