Koichi SHIDO

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NicoNicoDesu Sep 6, 2012

I believe some random person on another site put it best:

"Shido the Pedo."

EHero09 Jul 9, 2012

Never have I hated a character in anime more than this guy. I just did not like the look of him from the moment he showed up on the screen.

Tjinie May 18, 2012

:O pretty suprised he is so high. He didnt even make an impact in the anime imo XD stil hated him ;)

Shuhan Jan 21, 2012

nothing to say baut this guy except B A S T A R D!!!

deideiblueeyez Dec 29, 2011

This guy is a friggin creeper. I kept saying that aloud to myself the second he started speaking "creeper he's a creeper aaaaah he's a creeper!" .. I'm sure the people who ♥ him have those same reasons..they like creepers.. but there's no good redeeming qualities, or even cool "evil" qualities about him that I like, and I like Orochimaru from Naruto, if that has anything to say about me.... God this guy's a creeper (shudders)