Aka: Reisys VI Felicity SUMERAGI

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Tsukasa112 Jan 29, 2013

I actually think I'm in love.

Zaig Oct 15, 2012

@Heterochromia tag questions- Yes, the tag is correct. She wears her eye lense as part of her default character design, and something doesn't have to be considered "real" for the respected tag to count. For example, if a character wears an animal ears headset attachment, he/she gets the Animal Ears tag; if a character has fake giant breasts (http://www.anime-planet.com/characters/iria-fukumune), she gets the Huge Breasts tag; if a character has dyed hair, they get whatever color they dyed it.

dvnkinsey May 18, 2012

Can she really have the tag heterochromia her eyes arent actually two different colors she just has a red contact both of her eyes are actually blue

Sai0 Jan 14, 2012

Does heterochromia still count if she wears her red contact only 80-90% of the time?Yes, she wears a red contact (both her eyes are blue) to cosplay as her favorite TV character.