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Kisuke URAHARA image
Rank #13
Rank #989


Kemirroria avatar Kemirroria
Jun 27, 2011

I love Kisuke he's so funny.

hamletsmage avatar hamletsmage
Apr 29, 2011

The fact that he can out-science Mayuri without looking like a mad scientist is awesome. Also, he changed his zanpakuto into a pimp cane. How cool is that?

Menlinta avatar Menlinta
Feb 23, 2011

I can't say anything bad about him, but I'm still not sure weather to like him yet or not.

Frostix avatar Frostix
Oct 27, 2010

Great character

Menchi avatar Menchi
Aug 29, 2010

He's really cute when he takes the hat off :3 I like.

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