Alt titles: Kazuto KIRIGAYA

Kirito main image

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greedyoyster says...

Kirito is badly written, you're welcome to like him, but I am disgusted by SAO it had a promising start, and a terrible romance plotline that seemed like it was something a 12 year old would think of, and Kirito himself, should not have a harem ever.

Jul 17, 2014
AnimeRulez4ever says...

Dont like this guy too overpowered, never loses basically hes the john cena of anime

Jul 10, 2014
SirJosh says...

kirito is bisexual now? KIRITITS IT IS!

May 26, 2014
ChaoticSilence says...

Also. Being overpowered doesn't make them a good character nor does them having a harem.

Apr 26, 2014
ChaoticSilence says...

Goddamn this guy as so much personality! (not)

Apr 26, 2014