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Alt titles: Kazuto KIRIGAYA

Kirito image
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Nikato avatar Nikato
Nov 4, 2013

BEST OP MAIN CHARACTER! Don't hate on people that like him xD It's not their fault:P I personally think he is a boss. SAY WHAT YOU WANT XD

Discontent avatar Discontent
Sep 20, 2013

@ MrReally

I'm getting a tad annoyed of people saying 'how could you hate him'. There are plenty of reasons not to like Kirito, a lot of which have been said in this very comment section. Go read Funari's comment, which I personally think gave the better written criticism of him.

MrReally avatar MrReally
Sep 19, 2013

Okay not one of the best characters growth wise but after watching Sword Art Online how could you not like Kirito. A kid that is the best but is a laid back person Kirito is one of those characters that grows on you. You gotta give Kirito Credit even if you don't like him.

TheBoltOfShadow avatar TheBoltOfShadow
Sep 18, 2013

Everything about this main character is plot convinience or plot device. 

Just.....ugh, he's written as a fill in the blank for whatever the plot needs.

Esira avatar Esira
Sep 11, 2013

and I thought lelouch was the worst main character.

I was wrong.

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