Alt titles: Kazuto KIRIGAYA

Kirito main image

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PrototypeA says...

I would like to know why people even hate him?

Dec 31, 2014
DoodlebugFour says...

Guts from Berserk called. He wants his title back.

Seriously, kirito is just some blank slate for brainless otakus to self insert themselves through.

Dec 22, 2014
jjasonrev says...

Perpetually narcissistic brat who illogically attracts all the hoes without even doing/having anything seductive at the slightest sense towards women. Bet the author of the series is a socially conditioned fellow who's still alone in his 40s.

Kirito, however, has great potential to be the main character of a netorare series though, iykwim

P/S: Went to google check author before hitting submit button, was right on both points, author's mindset read like a book.

Dec 13, 2014
LLLawliet says...

SAO would probably be much better without the romance, it ruined the series, Kirito and Asuna aswell. Hated how she became a damsel in distress when she seemed stronger than Kirito in the first place. SAO is the perfect example as to why most shounen anime like Naruto don't concentrate so much on romance. They're not too great at writing it. like other people have said, it looks like it was written by middle school boys. And i'm not someone that hates mainstream anime, I watch and love just about every anime that would be considered mainstream.

Oct 29, 2014
t3chkitty says...

He's so hot! hes totally like my boyfriend! :P

Oct 8, 2014