Alt titles: Kazuto KIRIGAYA

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ChaoticSilence says...

Goddamn this guy as so much personality! (not)

Apr 26, 2014
zetsubo666 says...

I wonder how Kirito fans will react when it has been revealed in the latest SAO game which is coming west that Kirito is acutally bisexual.

This is not a lie I won't post a direct link but check out an awesome site called Siliconera and was shown in the latest article about the SAO game Kirito was lying on the bed with Klein chatting about how they feel. You can then date Klein when your relationship is high enough with him just like the other girls. I personally think its a great thing that they add an extra side to Kirito that just wasn't shown in the anime and makes him much deeper as a character.

However most of Kirito's fans are straight males they will probably hate him now because its official he can date Klein.

Apr 10, 2014
Lobokendo says...

@Funari "He's a loner who just wants to solo. He wants friends badly enough to lie to them. He randomly helps out people. He wants to raise a family. He's confident, he's cocky, he's crying about not being able to protect anyone. He just wants a fair fight. He tortures a disarmed guy. He's flirty. He fails to recognize flirting."

I believe this is the part people were having a problem with.  So I feel like deffending this cause its late and Im bored.  Kirito started out wanting to be a loner, because he couldn't take responsibility for the lives of many people when klein said he had more friends.  However, during the first boss battle, he realised how important grouping together was, and at the end decided to take all the blame for beta testers becoming a loner again.  However, this was to ensure the rest of the players would stay together, basicaly unifying the rest of the players against him.  Then you have him several months later, after being alone for months being hated by the rest of the community, he found a small guild on the lower floors and saved their lives. 

For the record Funari "He randomly helps out people." this particular sentence makes me think you're a horrible person.  I don't mean to offend you, but if you saw a bunch of people in front of you about to die, and a flick of your wrist would be enough to save them, are you implying that you wouldn't?

Anyway, he saves them all and they feel indebted to him so they beg him to join their guild.  Kirito reluctantly joins, not because he doesn't want to join, but because he doesn't want to hide the fact that he's a "beater" or rather, "the beater" seeing as how he is the only one.  Then he becomes great friends with them, and even falls in love with Sachi.  Because of how much he loves the friends he's made, it makes him afraid they will leave him if he tells them how strong he is.  And that leads to the unfortunate event that takes place after. 

After that, deffending it gets a little trickier.  "He wants to raise a family."  Again I want to ask what is wrong with this.  Regardless of his character, how does this make his character inconsistant.  He had just gone through a life threatening incident and found the person he wants to spend the rest of his life with.  After such a horrible experience, I can't in the slightest blame him for wanting to settle down.  Yeah he's confident, but that only applies to his skills in games.  In reality, of course you would feel like you were powerless.  When faced with something like losing a loved one to cancer, or something else along those lines, its not like you can just say.  "welp, guess I better cure cancer then."  Of course that is an exageration, but something it is similar to would be someone in a coma that the doctors say they may never wake up from.  And to make matters worse, you have to listen to someone like sugou laugh at you saying hes going to marry the girl you love (and being way too creepy about it).  About him wanting a fair fight, lol, I asume you are reffering to when he gives sugou the sword?  That wasn't a fair point at any time.  Kirito knew that his skills were far greater then sugous, thats why he did that, to prove how much better he was basicaly saying "heres the best sword in the game, you still cant beat me."  And after he wins, yeah he goes to town on sugou, BECAUSE HE JUST STRIPPED AND GROPED THE GIRL HE LOVES AND SAID HE WAS GOING TO DESTROY HER MIND.  So lol if you think sugou didn't have that coming, in fact, in the parkinglot after that, Id have been fine if Kirito killed him.  But he didn't, because kirito has killed people before, and never wants to have to do that again.

Last part you said was he is flirty and doesn't recognise flirting.  Well... I'd just like to say he is always like that, not just with girls, I mean, the last thing he said to klein in the first episode was being kind of flirty XD. So, he isn't being flirty as much as thats how he acts around everyone.  And this could also contribute to him not noticing it for actually being flirting when he is on the recieving end.

So Funari, its not that Im disagreeing with what you're saying, its just to imply that makes his character all over the place is completely untrue no matter how you look at it.  Disliking him for being flirty is fine, cause thats just how he is.  For better or worse he is just a very solid and well writen character with a few quirky personality traits.  People hate him for it, and love him for it.

Mar 26, 2014
DeadCulture says...

What a womanizer 

Feb 15, 2014
moontiara says...

Me likes Kirito :3

He kinda scared me at episode 2 thought cx

Jan 8, 2014