Aka: Kazuto KIRIGAYA

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TheIceQueen says...

Please, send more hate his way.

Mar 27, 2016
Edock says...

"The black swordsman" lol. Step aside kiddo, Guts is The Black Swordman. ;)

Mar 27, 2016
dressedblack says...

I don't particularly dislike this character for being who he is. At most, he is "Mehhhhhhhhhhhh". Kirito is boring, OP for no goddamned reason and is basically Jesus. However, I hated how popular this character was, and how some people sing his praises like he's actually Jesus.

Kirito is a power fantasy, nothing more.

Mar 20, 2016
Epimondas says...

The only thing I don't care for is how weird the last few episodes of season two got or how that girl supposedly beat him and yet, I get the feeling he had one hand tied behind his back to give her a fair chance.  For the most part he is a likeable character but he could use a bit more depth, because although his superior gaming skills are not quite as overly focused as the creepy Issei from High School DxD, the lopsided care those skills are given compared to most the other facets of his depth of character are a bit too much.  What I imagine might make him stand out most is perhaps the fanciful romantic dream of finding a true love out of some life or death tragic event.  It isn't the tragedy that you should focus on but the hope that even if something so dire happens you can find someone's hand to hold and carry each other through it.  Oh and the whole creepy AI vr daughter thing is a bit, blahhh.  I think they need to ease off on that and makes it hard to add him to the thumbs up list.

Feb 15, 2016
Aerisha15 says...

Also known as Jesus-Kun.

Feb 15, 2016