Alt titles: Kazuto KIRIGAYA

Kirito main image

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Riruri says...

Ummm... Kirito shows up in every episode in both seires so if you don't like him, do you even like the show?

Sep 28, 2014
ChaoticSilence says...

Bet the only reason you hate this character is because you think this anime's mainstream...SAO HATERS!

Aug 2, 2014
Seabound117 says...

A typical cardboard cut-out wish fulfillment character I would expect from internet fanfiction not a fully produced release.  I do realize that any show we watch has a range of fantasy in its characters, but I found Kirito to be infuriatingly bad especially given the immense potential the story held.

Jul 19, 2014
greedyoyster says...

Kirito is badly written, you're welcome to like him, but I am disgusted by SAO it had a promising start, and a terrible romance plotline that seemed like it was something a 12 year old would think of, and Kirito himself, should not have a harem ever.

Jul 17, 2014