Aka: Kazuto KIRIGAYA

Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Rank #9
Rank #48
Kirito main image

Kirito is one of 10,000 players trapped in the MMORPG known as Sword Art Online. He's recognized as a “Beater” to others for having restricted beta access before the death game started, and is harshly criticized for this unfair advantage. The skilled swordsman has condemned himself to a life of solitude as a result, and is determined to stay alive and reach Floor 100 to clear the game.

Though he refuses to join a guild and has made enemies along the way, Kirito also has gained several allies: Asuna, who he briefly partnered with, and Klein, a newbie player he helped train at the start of the game. Unlike the majority of Sword Art Online's players who only look out for themselves, Kirito lends a hand to those in need.

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Anime Roles

Sword Art Online Main
Sword Art Online: Extra Edition Main No voice actors found.
Sword Art Online II Main
Sword Art Online II: Debriefing Main No voice actors found.
Sword Art Online II: Sword Art Offline II Main
Sword Art Online: Sword Art Offline Main
Sword Art Online: Sword Art Offline - Extra Edition Main

Manga Roles

Sword Art Online 4-koma Main
Sword Art Online: Aincrad Main
Sword Art Online: Fairy Dance Main
Sword Art Online: Girls Ops Minor
Sword Art Online (Light Novel) Main
Sword Art Online: Mother's Rosary Minor
Sword Art Online: Progressive Main
Sword Art Online: Progressive (Light Novel) Main
Sword Art Online: Project Alicization Main

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M0M0I says...

lmao fuck this guy

zero personality and is only OP with the power of bullshit

i want him to meet saitama so saitama can beat the shit out of him 

Aug 22, 2016
SAO22 says...

Kirito is one of my best characters in anime his the who made me like anime

he and asuna to be precise they make a good team and a couple

I already finish all sword art online I hope they make a third season

Aug 20, 2016
NatTridentPeople says...

Hey I'm a little confused... Y do so many people hating on Kiroto?? I'm actually curious. I know people who love him ad ppl that hate him... So just wondering, why do u hate him??

Aug 3, 2016
Loyalcavalier says...

I really dont hate Kirito as lots of other people, nor do I love him. Me personally I dont think hes bad as everyone say he is, but I dont think hes great as SAO fans say he is. Like there was a time where he actually got scared of meeting other people at one point and for good reason personally, but for other times hes the completely perfect and honestly gets bland. I'm I the weird one out from this?..... 

Jul 31, 2016
Collbie says...

Why so much hate? :) I read the comments and almost all was about how much you  guys hated him.

It sounds like you guys are jealous or something like that. lol Kirito is fine, is not his fault he got all the girls xD

Jul 30, 2016