Kenpachi ZARAKI

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Repsak Jul 4, 2016

What is it with that haircut. I mean that guy must use an assload of hair wax to get that thing going. Well, I mean even for anime guys that pretty extreme... makes him a lot of character though. 

Reverend Dec 25, 2015

I love how he gets lost even without his (also directionless) lieutenant. I just adore his desire to slaughter every moving thing and the fact that he gets so must enjoyment from it.

darkill17 Aug 5, 2015

For me the most sadistic SOB of all time.

Varz Mar 16, 2015

I have to say I love this guys attitude when fighting and also he is great fighter :)

PurpleCatAngel Oct 27, 2014

Guy just loves a good fight and always persues Ichigo for another one after getting his butt whooped the first time.