Aka: Naru

Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Rank #1,343
Rank #7,786

Although he is young, Kazuya runs his own successful business called the Shibuya Psychic Research Company. Although he investigates the paranormal, it seems he has no powers of his own and so employs those that can help him out. Kazuya seems to be extremely narcissistic, which earns his the nickname "Naru" from Mai. Despite all of this, he cares very much for those around him, going as far as to put himself in danger to save them.

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Anime Roles

Ghost Hunt Main

Manga Roles

Akumu no Sumu Ie: Ghost Hunt Main
Ghost Hunt Main

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silviepie Sep 3, 2016

I love Naru's  character. He's witty, serious, intelligent, cool and narcissistic but he's a jerk with a heart of gold when you get down to it. He can be childish and difficult to deal with at times (with his stubborn attitude), but he also has the capacity to apologize and show geniune goodness in his heart through his actions. Fuyumi Ono is a great character writer and Ghost Hunt's main cast is one of my favorite ever, with Naru ranking at the top.

asiakamar Mar 8, 2016

I don't think the description here gave justice to what Naru really is like. Naru is a very cool person, cold, and seemingly not caring. But he's prideful, firstly,because he knows he's not an ordinary person. But despite this, despite not showing any kind of a hint of something warm in him [No blushes, intense stares or whatever. Basically he's a consistent person. That's what I love about him the mosy], there are times wherein fans would think that he do care after all: First, aside from Lin, he calls Mai without any kind of honorifics. Second, he tolerates Mai's tendencies to act out of compulse. Third, the fact that he knows and are conscious that not many likes his personality [I would've liked to add something more here regarding why I'm obsessed with him but that would spoil people who would like to read or watch Ghost Hunt]. 

I'm obsessed with him because:

1] He's a consistent person - loyal to his personality. Lol.

2] He's seriously cool. And though how Mai decided to call him Naru emphasized that behavior in his personality. He's not like what most people would expect a narcissistic person to be. He was just called narcissistic because he's confident about the knowledge he has, his intuitions, himself. He doesn't go around and brag it to people or kept on looking at a mirror. Like I said, he's seemingly not caring. So he's the type of person who does not do things that is insignificant, that can be done by other people. In other words, he would only do things that would greatly benefit him or of great importance that only he can do.

3] He's seriously mysterious. Well, this may be because he's not really the type to say all the things about him to the people he was always with. In fact, nothing was known about him until the last volume of the manga. And it was only known because of the smartness of his 'friends'. They solved the BIG puzzle that is he.

4] He's handsome.

sandbecca Sep 1, 2013

It is positive but it is impossible to describe Naro.

I like his character very much,

but he can be a real secretive jerk.

But he is cool and kanda cute, I like him.

He and Mai are the best and the Cutest.