Kazuya KUJOU

Aka: Baby Squirrel, Springtime Reaper, Dark Reaper

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WendyHitsugaya Oct 1, 2016

I don't hate him but I don't like him either, I mean, true he likes Victorique but throughout the series he's just a lovesick puppy, and so love lovesick that he has been ignoring some characters like Avril which is also sort of a flaw in the series at least for me

mikeyvxt Jul 23, 2016

This guy is near the top of my list of Characters That Are Equal Parts Annoying, Generic, and Useless.

Discontent Jul 29, 2015

@soulbrazier: He's boring as hell, that's why. I personally don't hate him, but I still think he's a bland character.

soulbrazier Mar 9, 2015

...I'm not understanding the hate going on here...

appdulla Mar 5, 2015

So annoying