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BleachSta4Ever Jul 14, 2014

I think it was tragic ending for both him and gin u got to see the true side of them just before they slipped away from us truly sad :(

llVIU Oct 7, 2012

this is random, I never really got how he saw going AWOL as "judgment"... then again, he doesn't see anything at all... good thing he died in a very karma-like way, he deserved his death

jtir123 Mar 30, 2011

Was my favorite shinigami until he totally broke out of "character". A shame.

xink Mar 16, 2011

Tousen deserves more love IMO. Sure he was an asshole back then on Soul Society who speaks nothing about his blind justice but his development as a character far surpasses that of Ichimaru Gin and Sosuke Aizen.

Stive Oct 21, 2010

he is the Blind Nigger Samurai