Kaname KURAN

Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Rank #221
Rank #72

Anime Roles

Vampire Knight Main
Vampire Knight Guilty Main
Vampire Knight Special Secondary

Manga Roles

Vampire Knight Main
Vampire Knight: Fleeting Dreams (Light Novel) Minor
Vampire Knight: Ice Blue Sin (Light Novel) Minor
Vampire Knight Memories Minor

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Benriya Feb 17, 2017

He's the empitome of masculinity and elegance! <3

silviepie Sep 3, 2016

If I had to choose, Kuran Kaname is probably my least favorite character of all time. And here's why: I take major issue with the way Hino Matsuri portrayed his character. It's evident from her author notes throughout the series that Kaname was always her favorite of the main cast, so she spent a lot of effort crafting his perfect image but as a result, she failed to give him relatable, believable flaws. From the beginning, Kaname was always the puppetmaster, the one with all the secrets and answers, and quite frankly had the most potential due to this position in the series. Yet Hino was unable to let go of her personal bias towards this character, and by painting him in a saintly, godly light, she gave up every opportunity to fulfill his potential.

The best way I can explain this is by borrowing from another well-known series: in Code Geass, Lelouch was never painted as purely good or purely evil. The purpose of his character was to spark debate. The writers effectively removed themselves from the narrative and simply presented the story as it unfolded, thus allowing fans to dissect and judge his actions for themselves. Hino, on the other hand, continuously spoonfeeds her ideal image of Kaname down our throats by restating "Kaname is actually kind and amazing" every chance she gets, which actually backfires given that she's already shown us in the first arc that he's capable of some very morally questionable behavior. Which, I reiterate, is not the issue. I love morally ambiguous characters. Most of my favorite characters have done some really messed up shit, but the difference is that they pay the price for their actions and are judged by the rest of the cast and readers alike. What never sat well with me was the fact that Yuuki and the other vampires never even questioned him, gotten genuinely angry with him or held him accountable for the innocent people he's hurt. Power and status should not excuse unjust behavior. Try again.

In the end, Hino sacrificed Kaname's heart in efforts to "redeem" him, but by doing so only made him appear more saintly. The hole just keeps getting deeper. All she had to do was allow the other characters (and by extension, herself) to admit that yes, this guy has done some shady, questionable things, here's why and take it as you will. But by the end of the series, it was too late because she had never really allowed us as readers to look into his mind and see his vulnerabilities as a real character, so he remained a cliche wish-fulfillment. I expected more as a reader, but Hino did not deliver it.

kaname892 Jul 26, 2016

The Best portrayal of pureblood vampire ever

artemisjinx Jun 5, 2016

Sexy and mysterious. One of the hottest male characters aside from Sebastian. You just can't compete with Sebastian :p

Deep character but confusing

Team Kaname <3

kurumi10v3r Apr 2, 2016

I'm surprised about how he is a lot  more likeable in the manga. Love him