Aka: Kallen KOUZUKI

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AnimeGuy18 Jan 21, 2017

She's soooo hot 

AnimeGuy18 Jan 21, 2017

She's soooo hot 

Everdemon Sep 10, 2016

Who wrote that her hair was pink? I mean, it's clearly a shade of red. Come on.

ImmaToaster Apr 17, 2016

....am i the only one who finds her kind of annoying? ._.

i mean, she had her badass moments... but there was something about her that i kind of dislike.

DoodlebugFour Aug 20, 2015

I think the reason why she has the dislikes is for how rude, condescending, and unbrightful (Not as bad as that fool Suzaku though) she can be times. And not everyone will appreciate the @$$ and T**s shots she provides.