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MistressDragon Aug 26, 2016

He would have been an awesome person if he didn't get caught up with Orochimaru's @$$.

Epimondas Feb 15, 2016

He makes a good interesting antagonist and way better than wasted piles of anime flesh like Sasuke.  The only major weakness to his character is, so far his true motivation and goals are not so clear.  There are times the viewer is lead to believe he is actually out to get Orochimaru by working with him and others where he seems to be his most loyal accomplice.  He is smart, skillful, fairly powerful though I do not feel I have seen the limits of that yet.  He isn't a farce like Sasuke, who for his entire life on the show before he left the village, was centered on so called love of his family and the desire to avenge them so he solves that by betraying it all (Sasuke is such a joke).  Sometimes I feel like he might be like a puppet master in disguise and is manipulating all around him for some lofty end goal.  He is also one of the few Naruto characters who can actually lay any claim to having any connection to real ninjutsu skills.

StaBAnime Aug 30, 2015

Worst than Kabuto only Sakura, she is truly evil!!

DunkinDeezNuts6 Aug 16, 2015

This guy makes me want to shit on people, like look at his face you just want to slap the shit out of him. Then in shippuden he starts looking like a snake and brings people back from the dead, FUCK i hate him.

marinoe Jul 19, 2015

I used to like him but now... That's all messing up with dead is so disgusting...