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Kabuto YAKUSHI image
Rank #684
Rank #10


darkes avatar darkes
Oct 16, 2013

he's pretty cool i like him better than Orochimaru and yea he is getting stronger but every character has their good traits and bad traits

default avatar Happymeal
Jun 30, 2013

Love this guy. Pretty cool stuff. Surprised number 11 hated, especially since it doesn't seem like he's all that dislikeable. 

NikiAndromeda avatar NikiAndromeda
Mar 25, 2012

Everyone hates him?!

But Kabuto is so cute! *cries*

I ship Kabuto and Orochimaru....

default avatar Happymeal
Feb 14, 2012

I dont understand fully why someone would dislike Kabuto(At least in the first Naruto). He's not only one heck of strategist, but he seems like a shikamaru who is evil. i have feeling that he would be a genious, but a slacker had he been on the other side of the table. I never really paid attention to kabuto, but after I used him so much in naruto ultimate ninja storm 2, I looked more into him and found him a very amazing character. He is my third favorite character in naruto after shikamaru and shino.

Tashita avatar Tashita
Nov 12, 2011

Kabuto, the most interesting character in the universe of Naruto. Kabuto is the undisputed favorite in my list.

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