Kabuto YAKUSHI main image

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PurpleCatAngel says...

Kabu-chan is so bad, it makes him cute.:)

Mar 16, 2015
FeelyFeel says...

NikiAndromeda Just fucking stop, that's just disgusting.

Feb 8, 2015
darkes says...

he's pretty cool i like him better than Orochimaru and yea he is getting stronger but every character has their good traits and bad traits

Oct 16, 2013
Happymeal says...

Love this guy. Pretty cool stuff. Surprised number 11 hated, especially since it doesn't seem like he's all that dislikeable. 

Jun 30, 2013
NikiAndromeda says...

Everyone hates him?!

But Kabuto is so cute! *cries*

I ship Kabuto and Orochimaru....

Mar 25, 2012