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Alt titles: Juvia of the Great Sea

Juvia LOXAR image
Rank #218
Rank #496


Camelya avatar Camelya
Aug 7, 2013

Juvia loves Gray-sama <3

default avatar pikachuuu
Apr 2, 2013

Ha tags are 'teenager', 'magic user' and 'hat'.

Victoryfraud avatar Victoryfraud
Jan 23, 2013

"Alt titles: Juvia of the Great Sea"

Haha, seriously? I've never heard that one before. Makes her sound like an pirate or something.

RolokoLamperouge avatar RolokoLamperouge
Apr 22, 2012

Juvia is amazing I love her. <3

stinfo avatar stinfo
Dec 9, 2011

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