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Theonewhoseesblindly says...

Even in the beginning of the series (ep.1) he acts in a perverse yet hilarious way towards 

Black Rabbit He also demonstrates his perversity in several other episodes as well.

Nov 8, 2013
Axonn says...

Yea I agree with ZKMsphere, how the heck is he a pervert? I never seen him as a pervert at all. I know deffiantly that Shiroyasha is a pervert. Now that suits her charateristic really well. But I don't see on how Izayoi is a pervert at all. He's just a funny comedian humor guy thats all, well he has some Flicking-Fingure-Superpower's or what ever he has and OverPower-Junmping-Power's and Super Strength or what, but u get my point though. XD

Oct 1, 2013
Xzyqus says...

how can you not hate his sense of humor xD

Sep 13, 2013
ZKMsphere says...

How is he a pervert? O.o

Aug 8, 2013