Itachi UCHIHA main image

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VethdaraUchiha says...

ItachiUchiha The Best Brother Ever

Dec 14, 2012
KingArthur13th says...

One of the greatest anti-heros in anime history.

Nov 9, 2012
DarkAngelofFire says...

Itachi is one of my favorite characters because he's so inherently awesome. And really, he's the only Uchiha I like anymore. People call Sasuke tragic? This is a man who had to kill his whole clan and made his brother hate him so he could die. That is a true tragedy.

Oct 16, 2012
kur0nek0 says...

One of the best characters....One of the characters I respect the most.

Aug 12, 2012
csp222 says...

my favorite akatsuki's member Itachi !

Aug 8, 2012