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KisaraBear Sep 14, 2015

Mmkay, Itachi's awesome. Just look at him and what he went through!

Also... R.I.P, you died a noble death Itachi. <3

Gemini48 Aug 8, 2015

he is the best..<3..<3..he should be on 1st

ShizukaTheOtaku Jul 3, 2015

I used to hate Itachi back when I read the manga, because of what he did that night, and I was on Sasuke's side then. But learning the truth and the burden he had to carry... He is truly a legend.

XaronAngel Jul 2, 2015

those who don't fight ugly and always smart and cool ninja.

tadeausas Apr 24, 2015

best naruto character ever :)