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nasro49 says...

1Hr story about how great is itachi Story of Itachi Uchiha | 720pHD - YouTube

one of the great characters i ever seen with a hight lvl of analysing

he sacrifice a lot for his leaf~vilage and for his little brother

he Loyal and had  big emoution toward his family and nakama and brother

i give hem 9.5/10

Dec 20, 2015
jennikifm says...

One of the hottest and evillest villains of all. *_* mmm XD

Dec 15, 2015
ARahman326 says...

Itachi Uchiha is best anime character of all time. He showed waht a big brother can do. He can go to any pain to protect his younger brother.

Nov 20, 2015
Kikio says...

*.* Hottest, Sexiest, Badist, GREATEST, GOOD BAD NINJA EVER! Most legenadary character in all of anime right hereee. :)

Oct 14, 2015
KisaraBear says...

Mmkay, Itachi's awesome. Just look at him and what he went through!

Also... R.I.P, you died a noble death Itachi. <3

Sep 14, 2015