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23Lib Mar 23, 2017

Itachi is my greatest weakness! The only anime character that made me cry.

DhanaRagnarok Dec 28, 2016

I think the Uchiha clan as a whole is the cancer lead to this series dying a messy, pathetic death.

Yet, Itachi is the one interesting character of the lot, extremely flawed, conscient of this, yet trying his best.

Too bad his best is terrible.

His whole way of "protecting" and "helping" Sasuke grow stronger is easily the dumbest move in the whole series. Because mental rape is SO going to help him grow into a strong and caring man, and not at all like the power-hungry fools the rest of the clan had been.

Simply put, if he wasn't tall, dark and handsome with haxxx abilities, he would have been villified as a moron no matter what he did and what his back story was.

I can't agree with the hordes of fangirls trying to make him into the best character of the series - characters like Might Guy, Rock Lee, Gaara, Shikamaru, Pain or Jiraiya are much more befitting of this position.

barserk Aug 9, 2016

TOP 1 na vsei rusi

Alquds98 Jul 27, 2016

Itachi killed his entire clan for the sake of the leaf village in the process driving his brother insane with the pursuit of him. I thing Itachi is cool but he should not have destroyed his clan. 

KaolinChan Jun 11, 2016

Itachi was the victim, the hero and the villain ;^;

He is my favourite character of all time, 

and the best brother in the anime history! ;m;

Itachi is love, Itachi is love!