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Felice May 13, 2013

she seems very cute and cheerful to me, I like her :)

can`t call her an eternal optimist, but still, she`s emotionally much stronger than other anime girls with the same character.

Deneuve Jul 28, 2012

Most annoying anime character EVER!!!! This b*** must die. slowly and painfully.

She is ruining all anime!!

PhantomPhreek Apr 1, 2012

She needs to die, plain and simple.

HikaruTenshi Apr 1, 2012

I concur, she is annoying. Saizou needs to stab her.


animelover1477 Mar 12, 2012

THis girl is soooo annoying, Saizou this and that,dont get so cooky bit** , your not that special,and stop being so frekin emotional everytime .Saizou is not so weak that you need to be worrying about him, worry about your self first sice you are so weak