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JK092 says...

I love her so much! She helped Sakura when they were young yet all Sakura did in return is break ther friendship which makes me hate her so much.

Oct 27, 2016
PureHeroine says...

Way better than Sakura ~ ♥

Oct 20, 2016
Enderwoman says...

I love Ino! She helped Sakura when she was young and now she gets less screen time. I dislike Sakura.

Sep 12, 2016
Alquds98 says...

Why do people hate Ino? I mean she is kind of annoying but she is funnier of the characters. PLus for the guys she is one of the better looking. 

Jul 27, 2016
kurumi10v3r says...

Best girl <3 

Oct 30, 2015