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meishika Mar 28, 2017

She marries Sai, huh... Really jelly for her >< didn't expect her to be married with my crush back then... >< but after seeing a lot of fanarts of them being together and their child Inojin I approve their relationship.

Yea, they indeed looks good together.

candylover246 Mar 6, 2017

Why ya'll hating on her she didn't do anything wrong

Narf2468 Feb 19, 2017

I love Into. Sure she can be a jerk at times, but she is my favorite character. She is sexy, especially after the time skip. The only thing I hated about her was that she didn't haven't enough screentime and had only one episode focused on her. Still, She was the most interesting character to me.

kurumi10v3r Dec 22, 2016

Who is the best girl and why is Ino?

JK092 Oct 27, 2016

I love her so much! She helped Sakura when they were young yet all Sakura did in return is break ther friendship which makes me hate her so much.