Aka: Ikki

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Tarka says...

I hate this alcoholic man and his fans girl club 

Mar 15, 2016
OwlsMelody says...

He's so hot X3  Damn those fangirls are to protective though!

Feb 5, 2016
Haribari says...

Gosh I hate this man and his group of fangirls. 

Jan 30, 2016
WhiteKitkat95 says...

He's route is really wierd! Freacking psycho fans he has.. but i admit, he sure is beautifull (my crush for blu hair gosh) . ♥_♥

Oct 16, 2014
sandbecca says...

I love Ikki too!

But in a different way.

He's the guy that is so captivating.

I love him!

And more.

Jun 3, 2013