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VastoLordes Oct 30, 2016

Bleach Got cancled Because In SJ Bleach Was Beat By Naruto And One piece So Bleach Was in 3rd place That Was Good And All But From 2005-2016 Bleach Went From 3rd Place To The Bottom At 13th Place Because The Maker Stopped Showing Compassion For The Show ( Plus He Only Had 3-4 Hours Of Free Time ) He Stopped Doing Back Grounds After The  Bount Arc  And After The Bount Arc He Keeps Repeating The Same Type Of Story When They Have To Save A Friend.And When The Main ememy Was Out  The Show Really Want DOWN HILL. The Manga Has Pasted The TV Show to Chapter 669 Or Something But That Is Why The TV Show Bleach Stopped After The Fullbring Arc.

MondoX Jun 9, 2016

I liked his character at the beginning.  Some people say that he grows, but it is the opposite, he only grows in power.  His resolve his shaken many different times, you would figured he should have grown through that, but he has not.  After his resolve is shaken, he turns gloomy for a while, and then someone helps him get throught it, rinse, and repeat.

puppy0cam May 13, 2016

look no further if you want to find a OP character who just can't seem to stop getting even more OP

CryingLightning Apr 28, 2016

I love Ichigo, I feel as if he really grows throughout the series all the while his brave and selfless character stays intact. I really like how he grows so much stronger without it being overpowered. He is just about my favourite character ever. 

WendyHitsugaya Mar 27, 2016

overall he's not your typical Shonen Protagonist who is such a cliche