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VeraDigital loved Hitomi SHIZUKI (character)
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waterfall974 says...

 this characters does deserve 1/2 of the hate she gets, because she knew that Sayaka liked him also she had made no effort whats so ever on visiting her crush in the hospital and she still goes deside to pursue him even after her friend went missing? what kind of friend does that.

Aug 23, 2013
kusamochi says...

Guys, Hitomi does not deserve all the hate she gets. We do not know how long she has had a crush on Kyousuke, who knows? She might of had feelings for him almost as long as Sayaka did! Also, there is NO way she would know what Sayaka was going through.

Anyways, If Sayaka got together with Kyousuke, she would eventually fall into despair anyways, as Kyousuke would of stand her up on dates so he could practice his violin.

Aug 13, 2013
XxFunnYxX says...

You know I would agree because when I rewatched this anime show twice, I lost respect to her because of the fact she likes someone(Kyosuke) that Sayaka likes in her whole life. I would say she's sometimes mean but I don't know. 

Aug 9, 2013
LinkSword says...

MintyShake is spot-on. There's nothing honorable about what this girl did - it was only slightly better than confessing to the guy out of the blue and giving her a shock later. For all intents and purposes, she still stole the guy Sayaka had been dedicating an important part of her life everyday while she (Hitomi) was at home, I don't know... fingering herself? Twittering?

Trying to justify her is laughable, as is giving Sayaka a mere ''full day'' all of a sudden to sort out her feelings.

Jul 23, 2013
Skystar132 says...

I never really liked her, she was always getting in the way and causing problems.

Mar 3, 2013