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bleachfairytailxP says...

lol i made up my bankai and it was hikaru kori in japaneese XD

Dec 25, 2013
Molscat98 says...

I love him! he is my fav host out the lot. he just takes my breath away

May 5, 2012
IndependentSK says...

You and your bro make yaoi fangirls drool

Jul 21, 2011
hellodokidoki says...

whhaaaaaaaaaaa why does Hikaru have more hates than loves? ;n;

Jun 26, 2011
MageOnx says...

I noticed that many people prefer Kaoru over Hikaru. Being the more mature twin, I care for Hikaru because I know from experience at least somewhat how the dependable twin feels (based on what my sister tells me and what I see from her actions). As I do with my twin, I believe that the more dependable twin will eventually bloom to surpass their brother/sister, and then Kaoru and I will be able to fully rely on our twins and relax for a while. ^-^ Maybe you don't know, but the roles of the twins constantly mix up and when one falls, the other one gets up. ^-^

Feb 24, 2011