Gender: Male
Hair Color: Orange
Rank #36
Rank #1,061
Hikaru HITACHIIN main image

Hikaru Hitachiin is one half of the Hitachiin twins, heirs to a massive fortune in the fashion industry. Like his brother Kaoru, Hikaru likes to remain isolated from most of society, but has found a home in the Host Club under the whimsical rule of Tamaki.

Both twins are playful and mischievous, but of the two, Hikaru is slightly more aggressive and forward. Then again, no one seems to notice this fact, and people frequently have a hard time telling the boys apart.

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Anime Roles

Ouran High School Host Club Main

Manga Roles

Ouran High School Host Club Main

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Kuroneko1316 says...

not sure which twin i like more!!! they are both so amazing..

Sep 13, 2015
BlueDemon527 says...

I love the twins! Don't know why, but out of the two, I like Hikaru better. :3

Jun 13, 2015
JustAFangirl says...

Look, I like Hikaru and all, but how the f*ck is he the most popular character in Ouran according to this site???Haruhi and Tamaki were wayy better than him!! Heck, even Kaoru is more mature and likeable than him!I still love him though

Jun 1, 2015
Lizardbitch says...

I liked the twins, especially Hikaru, much more than I liked Tamaki. I wish Haruhi had wound up with Hikaru. He was so.. gah.. in the manga. It irritated me that she went for Tamaki. I ended up writing fanfiction about her being with the twins because of the manga. At least the anime doesn't show the whole romance thingy, so that made it more bearable.

May 11, 2015
Kurugaya says...

The twins are the best (and Hikaru is the best of the twins imo)!

The episode where they were fighting had me falling out of my seat laughing.

Mar 20, 2015