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Fallenblackroses avatar Fallenblackroses
Jan 29, 2014

Blander than a bag full of grain. Just a self-insertion character, to keep the female audience entertained. At least she had a cute character design. Nice boots. I would definately buy boots similar to those ones. They look very comfortable.

SunshinexKite avatar SunshinexKite
Jul 29, 2013

Uh something you all have to realise is that she has Amnesia. She doesn't know a single thing about herself and she's really scared because she can't believe or trust in anyone because she doesn't know anyone. Not to mention the world changing and all the other characters personalitys changing does numbers on a persons sanity.

sandbecca avatar sandbecca
Jun 4, 2013

For some strange reason, I like her, but it is a bit annoying in

the beginning and at the end I think.

One more thing is that no one in the anime says her name.

I like that she's so sweet and innocent, but also with no memories

so one can understand her a little more in the anime.

And then it's the absolute last thing you'll see in the anime, when she should choose.

You may not know it, and that's what annoys me the most.

Ozgin avatar Ozgin
May 12, 2013

It seriously hate this type of character, that doesn't react at all under pressure and is constantly confused.

Rather than talking, what she did the most was to go "Eh? Huh? Oh?".

For the love of God, I found myself yelling at the monitor "Say something already!/ Do something"

animeeef avatar animeeef
Apr 20, 2013

she is so annoying, she makes me think about the girl from the 3th season of jigoku shoujo, she was annoying to. but this girl even more! she is just nothing always that blank look, and doesn't have a personality at all, it is that I ALWAYS have to finish the anime I watch pecause if I didn't I would have stopt at the becining. I hate it if the main character is as liveless as her. Just get a personality will ya! and when she fell in the water, I was like "awww! come on! are you so stupid! just swim already!" so yeah I don't like het at all!

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