Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown
Rank #2,750
Rank #595

Anime Roles

Amnesia Main
Amnesia OVA Main

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1anime1fan1 Feb 25, 2017

I hate her, how can you just forgive someone after they lock you in a f*cking cage! Her eyes are amazing though!

Yudesei Oct 28, 2016

It's understandable that she needs help with many things because of her amnesia.

However, amnesia doesn't make you dumb. You can still think for yourself.

Amnesia doesn't make you lose your tongue. You can still say more than just "Uhm..."

Amnesia doesn't get rid of your conscience. You should still be able to know that going outside when someone is trying to kill you is a bad idea.

She is a bit better in the game except in Ukyo's route when she's still her dumb self. She went outside even though Orion and Ukyo himself told her to stay home because it was too dangerous to go outside. Guess what. She ended up getting chased by a guy with a knife. And when this happened, she started crying for help and wished she was home.

If only Orion or Ukyo had warned her about the danger...Oh, wait. They did.

M0M0I Aug 22, 2016

dumb af 

LilianTorress Jul 23, 2016

It kind of surprised me I never noticed no one actually mentioned her name throughout the whole anime. Maybe I should've watched it a little better...

OwlsMelody Feb 5, 2016

Hehe truthfully I thought she was doing really good ^^ There was a couple times she really pissed me off- but she does have amnesia and she's probably just scared. It was frustrationg though how once she would start to get attached to a guy or once she would finally trust a guy something would happen.