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Adyth says...

well animated ,well dubbed ,her character is unique among those i have seen and its certainly not short list ..maybe sometimes she deserves slam over the face but u all have to admin that she's adorable and freakin sexy

Aug 27, 2016
BonBonwolf says...

not even a toddler is this level of energetic not only that but the anime kinda sucks because everything goes her way because she is god so she wills it and people make her happy because she is god, her voice is annoying and there are basically next to no problems for her to over come, the sad thing was i was looking forward to watching the anime but got crap instead. 

Aug 25, 2016
Edock says...

She needs a good smack in the face.

Aug 13, 2016
DoodlebugFour says...

From what I seen of her, she's a bloody sociopath if you think about it.


Apr 23, 2016
ColloquialDuck says...

At best, Haruhi's the only character capable of beating One-Punch Man.

At worst, she's the Donald Trump of all anime schoolgirls.

Apr 4, 2016