Haruhi SUZUMIYA main image

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Kurugaya says...

My least favorite anime characer ever.

Haruhi is a bratty, loud, selfish, temperamental, hyper and violent bundle of annoyance. =_=

Jan 23, 2015
FlutterBOSS says...

I can understand why people dislike her. She appears to have antisocial personality disorder. I don't think she fully recognizes how much frustration and anguish she puts Kyon and Mikuru through. She could be a sociopath. Either case, I have sympathy for people like her. There's a difference between having a mental illness that inhibits your ability to function like a normal human being, and just being cruel. I think it's the former with Haruhi. 

Nov 26, 2014
ShiveryAoi says...

Ehh don't like this bitch. There's a difference between being fun and just being a cunt. 

Aug 15, 2014
Adyth says...

Love u Haruhi-chan:3 ,, u re my second favourite female char. after Chitanda from "hyouka" ^^

Aug 10, 2014
XxFunnYxX says...

I kinda like and hate the character. Of course even though she has a mean personality, she has a beautiful appearance.

Also she is a god. One wrong move and she will end the world. -_-

Jan 26, 2014