Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown
Rank #50
Rank #772

Honest and straightforward, Haruhi is a studious and caring individual. Living alone with her single, transvestite father has helped her build up an immunity to over-the-top antics and extreme drama--which helps her manage life in the host club. Due to her high intelligence and studious nature, she won a scholarship which allows her to attend Ouran High School despite comming from a solidly middle class family, and therefore unable to cover the obscenely high tuition at the school. As she is from lower social strata than her classmates, she finds much of their behavior strange.

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Anime Roles

Ouran High School Host Club Main

Manga Roles

Ouran High School Host Club Main

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silviepie says...

Imo, Haruhi is the best shoujo heroine ever. I'm so tired of weak female leads, especially weak female leads disguised as strong female leads who go from badass to a stuttering, blushing mess when faced with a sexy love interest. Haruhi on the other hand, never lost sight of herself or her dreams, and even made the decision to leave Tamaki at the end in order to pursue her lifelong dream of being a lawyer (he followed her, obviously, but that's seperate). While I can see how Haruhi might come across as stiff or boring, I personally think that in the context of this crazy circus of a show that is Ouran, her deadpan attitude and "what matters is on the inside" stance make her a perfect, realistic lead for the series. At the very least, she's so unique that there's no other shoujo heroine like her. That itself should count for something.

Sep 3, 2016
Hakkenden says...

One of the few females in anime that I actually like. She just defies every stereotype, and I find that hilarious.

Jun 4, 2016
Haribari says...

She's very well developed character, but still I can't stand her. She's too stiff, boring, annoying and I'm just not enjoying her at all. 

Jan 30, 2016
kurumi10v3r says...

One of the few shoujo protagonists who is likable. Love her, best shoujo/harem protagonist

Nov 28, 2015
LichtundSchatten says...

I must say, Haruhi is a rare find in shoujo shows today. The main female of a shoujo has always been a kind, cheerful, and sometimes a bit ditzy individual, but Haruhi is an exception. Instead, she is a honest and straightfoward tomboy with a weird obsession with fancy tuna. Her originality is not all that makes her shine. She isn't the one helping the other characters with their problems without any of her own; instead, she is just as complex as the other characters are. Blame the writers for not doing very much with it. Haruhi is one of my favorite characters in the show, without a doubt. Don't worry, Haruhi. You'll get to try fancy tuna someday.

Sep 29, 2015