Gender: Male
Hair Color: Blue
Rank #79
Rank #330

Grimmjow is the sixth strongest of the Espada. He is quite rough around the edges with a short temper and little respect for authority, often being downright rude to people. He thoroughly enjoys fighting to the point of getting truly excited during an intense fight. Grimmjow also has a particular rivalry with Ichigo.

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Bleach Secondary

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Bleach Secondary

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DhanaRagnarok Dec 27, 2016

Anime Rival #265.

Third least interesting Espada, behind Yammy and Zommari.

Aside from his good looks and "pack leader" mentality (that...disappears as quickly as his fraccions), he's extremely bland.

The poor man's Vegeta. (Example: Bringing Orihime to heal Ichigo for their rematch? Similar to Vegeta helping Cell absorb 18 to fight him at full power)

TheIceQueen Jul 17, 2016

This guy is sraight BADASS. He easly my favprite bleach character.

PurpleCatAngel Nov 14, 2014

Grimmjow is badass!:) Love ya Grimm-Kitty!:D

BleachSta4Ever Jul 12, 2014

I don't agree with u at all @shatnershaman like not at all Grimmjow didn't make the whole series he was a good part of it but truth is he isn't the whole of it bleach is amazing in it's entirety even if u hate characters in a show they are there for a reason they make the show work with the other characters and well Grimmjow is a great character by all means but he didn't make the whole show sorry

XxMicrochibixX Feb 15, 2014

My husbando ^w^ I'm so obsessed with him XD