Gender: Male
Hair Color: White
Rank #1,461
Rank #211

Beautiful, calculating, and cunning, Griffith is a commoner with aspirations for greatness, to reach the 'castle' of his dream. He forms the mercenary group the 'Band of the Hawks', and using his tactical prowess and strategic genius, leads the group to the upper echelons of the kingdom on his quest for ultimate power and authority. He forces Guts to join the Hawks after defeating him in a duel, and comes to rely on him more than any other.

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Anime Roles

Berserk Main
Berserk (2016) Minor
Berserk Golden Age Arc I: Egg of the Supreme Ruler Main
Berserk Golden Age Arc III: Descent Main
Berserk Golden Age Arc II: The Battle for Doldrey Main

Manga Roles

Berserk Main
Berserk - Shinen no Kami Main

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Shirogami says...

When I first started watching Berserk I was awe by it and by the end I was punching holes in walls and crying and saying why Griffith why you white hair bastard. smh I hope guts does leave a hole size of Dragonslayer in his chest.

Oct 20, 2016
Loyalcavalier says...

Griffith is a guy who gets currupt more as the series goes on. At first hes not so bad, then you get to see him change for the worst. I HATE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!! What he did to Guts, Casca, and the rest of the band of the hawk when he used them to change to Femto is unforgiveable. If you thought the ending was fucked up enough in the anime in the Manga it gets worse it affected Gut's Unborn child. He raped Casca in front of Guts due to his jealously that the Hawk members are respecting him and getting attention. How can you tell, he stared at Guts struggling to rescue Casca the entire time, ANDDDD it traumutised Casca so much she gets Amniesia, not the whole "I dont know who I am bullshit" Her mind is that of a baby. Not a bad charcter since hes the villain BUT I STILL DESPISE HIM!!

Aug 10, 2016
Alquds98 says...

He killed his mercenary band a brotherhood and he threw them away like nothing.

Jul 27, 2016
ZayinYod says...

Griffith has to be my favorite character ever, the way he acts, talks, what he does, everything. Nobody can hate Griffith, all the hate is towards Femto, once that baylett started bleeding Griffith was dead and Femto was born.

Jul 13, 2016
reddishgrey says...

I still don't know if I like him, or if I totally hate his guts. (see what I did there? see? heh.)

Jun 4, 2016