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AxelxxxJR Sep 15, 2016

Watch any Axel xxx videos on youtube, and you will know 2 things, gajeel and laxus are awesome and gray sucks dick. Gray is a faggot, and his fan base are a bunch of retards and obsessed fan girls, and the only place gray belongs is being the cuckhold while laxus and gajeel fuck the shit out of juvia

TheIceQueen Jul 17, 2016

Best thing about Gray: His abs, lol jk, i like gray..... because i'm a woman... what can i say.

Iceberry Feb 4, 2016

one of my favorite charecter not because hes hot but... well... idk why...

he belongs wih erza~ :3

wolf4537 Jan 22, 2016

The BEST husbando.

MrWonderful Dec 9, 2015

A male Stripper, who is not interested in a beautiful girl who throws herself at him? Well this guy is basically fan service for homosexuals and crazed fan girls, like his wannabe lover juvia. Even if he ends up with her, it will only be for fan service sake it is clear from the begining the only thing that makes this guy hot is natsu, and i am not talking about natsu's fire magic