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PureHeroine Jan 20, 2017


Take a pill and calm down dude. It's just an anime character, geez ._.

Ngurocks Oct 17, 2016

Gray is awesome. Not cause of his looks. His behaviour.😘

TheIceQueen Sep 21, 2016

Is the person below mw kidding? I mean, he's just an anime character.

AxelxxxJR Sep 15, 2016

Watch any Axel xxx videos on youtube, and you will know 2 things, gajeel and laxus are awesome and gray sucks dick. Gray is a faggot, and his fan base are a bunch of retards and obsessed fan girls, and the only place gray belongs is being the cuckhold while laxus and gajeel fuck the shit out of juvia

TheIceQueen Jul 17, 2016

Best thing about Gray: His abs, lol jk, i like gray..... because i'm a woman... what can i say.