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bloodyberi Mar 26, 2017

hot and handsome in one character

TheIceQueen Feb 25, 2017

Okay yeah, for some reason I haven't dropped fairy tail yet, but every chapter I read I hate it more and more, but, I'll be honest, gray keeps me reading, and I love him. Because A. He has ice powers, and B. He's gorgeous. That's it. I don't think he's a great character, I just think he's hot.

PureHeroine Jan 20, 2017


Take a pill and calm down dude. It's just an anime character, geez ._.

Ngurocks Oct 17, 2016

Gray is awesome. Not cause of his looks. His behaviour.😘

TheIceQueen Sep 21, 2016

Is the person below mw kidding? I mean, he's just an anime character.