Goku SON

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IhsanFahim says...

Worst character ever. Massive dislike.

Oct 5, 2016
Yazhini says...

my favourite anime character.

Jul 23, 2016
shwetha says...

They only want to emphaisize on Goku's amd ChiChi's  mistakes and want to deny Vegeta has not done anything wrong. So no problem anger can be shown by lowering Goku's list but still the fact will remain that Goku and his friends were 1000 times better than that dirty Vegeta. They are jealous of Goku's capabilites and have no work so showing anger this way . 

Apr 6, 2016
shwetha says...

  • Even if people dislike or reduce Goku's ranking still Goku did what he had too. It is just that fans are jealous of his intelligence. Even if GT is not a canon even then Goku visits Piccolo and Krillin instead of seeing that dirty Vegeta.Becoz Vegeta was not a good friend to him and he understood that.Vegeta was not a good character either. They think by lowering Goku's ranking and raising that rascal Vegeta's rank they can deny that Vegeta has not done any mistakes by hurting many people. Simply ignoring what mistakes what that dirty Vegeta cannot hide the fact that he still hurt people and there were others who supported Goku better. So even if people who have lowered his ranking are only jealous that Goku, Krillin and Piccolo  were still 1000 times better. So showing off anger like this. 

Apr 6, 2016
shwetha says...

Actually those fools who favor that pathetic ass Vegeta over Goku are only loafers as they think only Vegeta is a saint. Always Goku leaving his family was taken too seriously and ChiChi making Gohan to study was taken too seriously But when that pathetic rascal Vegeta killed thousand of people even then those loafer fans can forgive him telling that he should be given a spotlight But they are only a disgust and want to show pride and stupid ego in their opinion

Apr 2, 2016