Gaara main image

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nekosakura says...

Hm, yeah.

Issues... but the first time I saw him appear in the anime I was like: •///•

And that's just STRANGE considering he's fictional... But we can just pretend he's real for now.

Sep 27, 2011
skullcandy96 says...

i admit the boy has issues but i like him a lot

Sep 24, 2011
Firyali says...

All us fangirls love you Gaara!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 XD ^_^

Mar 10, 2011
1Tsukiko1 says...

I love you, Gaara! <3 Way to go for conquering your goal and not staying on the dark side, despite their yummy cookies!

Feb 25, 2011
zombieiscool says...

You're right, it would be insulting emos to put Gara in the same category.

God damn this character is the most whiny, self loathing character I've ever seen.

Jan 31, 2011