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SakuraBell Feb 19, 2017

Oh Mah Gerd i love Gaara so much its not funny like seriously

candylover246 Dec 4, 2016

Bruh honestly Gaara should have been Naruto's best friend instead of Sasuke, he was always there for him and had a better bond imo.

SCREW Sasuke!

Alquds98 Jul 27, 2016

Gaara is cool and a cool character design to boot I did not like him at first but after he turned to the good sie he became rather cool. Definetely one of the cooler characters.

8AnnaChan8 Mar 22, 2016

i have the hugest crush on gaaraa its not even okay...

candylover246 Feb 27, 2016

Gah, I LOVE Gaara! ♡

He is absolutely flawless, even as a psycho! *^* His development is the best I've seen in any anime! He's been my favorite ever since I fist layed eyes on him. *o*

He's my overall favorite anime character~ ☆