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Excalibur image
Rank #160
Rank #12


DanDood666 avatar DanDood666
Mar 5, 2012

*grim face* You're obnoxious

default avatar Happymeal
Feb 23, 2012

I love this guy. He is so hilariously funny. He just annoys as many people as possible. Its hilarious how he does it.

anpanshooter avatar anpanshooter
Feb 21, 2012

he makes every character from soul eater to make THAT face

it is sure a powerfull weapon XD 

Louis8k8 avatar Louis8k8
Feb 10, 2012

Annoying little piss of SH*T. I love this guy. He makes me punch my monitor like no other character.

AidoSenpai97 avatar AidoSenpai97
Feb 8, 2012

GIVES ME A HEAD ACHE!!!! looks cute, but i cant stand him

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