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LuvAnimee May 3, 2016

Omg he's cute and hilarious XD you guys dont seriouslt hate him i mean LOL HES IN THE TOP 10 LIKE FOR REAL?

MangaAnimeBitch Mar 7, 2016


                                     ~ MAKA OUT

Sunly Feb 29, 2016

awwww come on why the hate?He is cute and funny...well a bit annoying BUT still i enjoy watching him...dont be so serious

Reverend Feb 17, 2016

Sure, he plays a big role in the comedy of Soul Eater, but goodness me. He is seriously annoying the hell out of me. 

And those stories he tells, just no.

Epimondas Feb 12, 2016

Excaliber brings new meaning to the term nuisance.  He is almost like some practical joke by Soul Eater's creators to make viewers sick if only for the few agonizingly too long moments he is on screen.  With a guy like this around, you might pray that you will only be cursed with the most annoying and nosy sibling instead of him.