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XXxCoconutMamixX says...

I mean people may find him annoying, but people suck most of the time. The guy is hillarious, I don't usually laugh at much, but I just find it funny that he behaves this way haha. Anyways he's rad, and the most rad of people get the most hate for some reason (Should've seen the amount of hate I recieved for listening to panic at the disco and twenty one pilots a few years back, now suddenly everyone likes em).

Jun 4, 2016
KarmaKylo says...

This is in my oppinion a really good character, he was made to be super annoying and he is! But he also gives a comic relief for the viewer if we see how a character, like Ein Stein, goes to him in hopes of glory and power. And if anyone thinks otherwise they would be a FOOL.

May 16, 2016
LuvAnimee says...

Omg he's cute and hilarious XD you guys dont seriouslt hate him i mean LOL HES IN THE TOP 10 LIKE FOR REAL?

May 3, 2016
MangaAnimeBitch says...


                                     ~ MAKA OUT

Mar 7, 2016
Sunly says...

awwww come on why the hate?He is cute and funny...well a bit annoying BUT still i enjoy watching him...dont be so serious

Feb 29, 2016