Excalibur main image

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AidoSenpai97 says...

GIVES ME A HEAD ACHE!!!! looks cute, but i cant stand him

Feb 8, 2012
NoelVermillion15 says...

I love this guy especially when he sings 

Ex-caliber - Ex-Caliber- from the united state -----------

Jan 9, 2012
Hospi says...

Well, I hated when he showed up in SE. I really can't stand his scenes :D I tried so hard, but I was not enough. I so disliked him :D 

Jan 2, 2012
BlackCosmo says...

W-What?!Too many dislikes on this cute little guy! D:

Dec 28, 2011
EveKun says...

How can people hate this fuzzy little.. er.. whatever he is?

Dec 20, 2011