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Excalibur image
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Reaper02521 avatar Reaper02521
Jan 10, 2011

He annoyed me so much I skipped every scene in which he appeared.

kaiden2554 avatar kaiden2554
Nov 26, 2010
beatlesgirl95 avatar beatlesgirl95
Nov 25, 2010

I always loved this guy...made me tear up. :') He's HILARIOUS!

Lsuke avatar Lsuke
Nov 7, 2010

Its kind of a love-hate thing, but no matter what mood I was in, he was weird enough to make me laugh. He so needed more screen time.

default avatar billyher314
Nov 7, 2010

at first he's just annoying, then he grows on you. possibly one of the most unique characters.

p.s. love his song lol.

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