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marshmallowbuddy2244 says...

How could you hate Excalibur? He's hilarious!

Jun 17, 2013
FullmetalHeart1 says...

FOOL! Excalibur cracks me up :).

Jun 16, 2013
NejiKaoru says...

LOL i bursted out laughing when i saw he was in the rank 13 for hated XDD

May 21, 2013
DreadNaught1 says...

A character that should be the new image for all acts of trolling everywere, because excalibur is just that awesome.

May 9, 2013
FairestEve says...

"Excalibur! Excalibur! From United Kingdom! I'm looking for heaven! I'm going to California!"

Apr 26, 2013