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Pybs Jan 25, 2017

I will watch soul eater for him

It's impossible somethig so freaking cute could be anoying

ChibiAnime Jan 21, 2017

Sure Excalibur is annoying but still there's no need to hate him. He makes me laugh. ;-;

TheIceQueen Jan 10, 2017

Can't believe he has the same voice actor as Diego Brando...

raidpirate52 Jan 9, 2017

I could be wrong, but I just get the feeling that a fair amound of people who voted hate just did so because he was ranked so high in hate and just want to move him up over a different character. I can't see how he can possibly be top 10 most hated anime characters when he isn't even that prominent a character. I mean, I found him funny and that's my personal opinion, but top 10 hated? Seriously?! He wasn't even the worst character in Soul Eater. I thought Ogre or Mosquito were worse and more prominent and they're nowhere close to the same amount of votes, but again, that's all just personal opinion. 

Anyway, I voted love this character. Like I said, I just found his randomness too funny to hate. The fact his debut episode was a Death Kid and BlackStar teamup certainly helps. 

XXxCoconutMamixX Dec 1, 2016


*points his cane at you*