Aka: Titania

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AnimeGuy18 says...

Erza is simply perfection. Don't understand how any one could hate her

May 12, 2016
PrinceIke10 says...

Why do so many people hate Erza? I mean, yea I know she's op, but come on, she's sexy, cute, and badass!

Apr 19, 2016
IAmDoctorX says...

I noticed that some of the more recent comments on Erza here are from people who hate her.  Well, those people are misogynistic pigs!

Mar 24, 2016
captainchoco says...

I don't really care for her before this, she's very boring. But after reading Fairy Tail Christmas special manga, I.... hate her.

Nov 23, 2015
SinTheKiller says...

she is so hardcore when it comes to fighting

Nov 1, 2015