Alt titles: Titania

Erza SCARLET main image

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Xephyer says...

She was the reason i started watching fairy tail, it blew my mind when she requiped heaven's wheel armour in episode 4 her character is by far the best female character in fairy tail.This girl is bad-ass,cunning,naive and bold and as well as Adorable,gorgeous and beautiful she might fool you with her looks but stay put you never wanna mess with her. Hiro mashima really made one hell of a backstory for her. I don't usally cry but her story was exceptional. She is by far my favorite female anime character.

Sep 14, 2014
tenshon says...

I hate her so much , I wished that Laxus beat the crap out of her when she got angry when he said that she is weak (which she is), stupid gerard loving QQ woman, she deserves to be betrayed エルザ死ね~

Jun 7, 2014
Happy1999 says...

best character in fairy tail <3

Jan 18, 2014
MissyGreenheart says...

This girl is a badass and a beauty rolled into one.

Nov 4, 2013
MysticSakura says...

I love Erza a lot. She is one of the reasons I got into watching Fairy Tail. Such an awesome character. Her armor, her fighting, >w< She is my all time favorite character from the show

Sep 25, 2013