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DawnOfTheDutch says...

She's so annoying that I had to drop this. The anime itself is pretty fun and interesting, but her personality just makes my skin crawl. She ponders about the most stupid and trivial things and then forces her curiosity on Oreki, cause she's too stupid (and lazy imo) to figure it out herself. Oreki clearly states that she's bothering him, several times, and she just giggles in a dumb way like she has every right to do so. I wish someone had slapped her in the face, maybe let some air out of that big head, especially in episode 6.

Jun 27, 2015
FlutterBOSS says...


Apr 29, 2015
Mortsnavs says...

Most beautiful eyes

Feb 2, 2015
DeadCulture says...

shes so fucking cute

Dec 11, 2013
ZKMsphere says...


Aug 13, 2013